Wholesale of clothing and

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We offer wholesale supplies of stylish clothes and high-quality shoes for a variety of purposes. Our company provides reliable deliveries, up-to-date collections and flexible order conditions. Working with us, you choose a reliable partner in the wholesale trade of clothing and footwear.

about Clothing and footwear


This subcategory contains a wide range of T-shirts and T-shirts for men, women and children. You will find basic models as well as t-shirts with various prints, logos and designs. From classic designs to trendy t-shirts with exquisite details, our store provides a variety of styles and materials to suit the tastes of all customers.


In the shirts section you will find models for everyday wear as well as for more formal occasions. We offer a variety of styles, colors and materials - from classic white shirts to stylish models with unique patterns. Whatever the style of your audience, we have shirts for all occasions.

Jeans and trousers

In this category you will find jeans and trousers for men, women and children. Our range includes a variety of styles, from classic to modern, and various colors and decorative elements. Choose from a variety of lengths, cuts and styles to give your customers a variety of choices.

Suits and jackets

For special occasions and business events, we have suits and jackets. We offer a variety of styles and colors to meet customer needs. The suits include trousers and jackets, as well as a choice of sizes and styles for the perfect fit.


In this category you will find sportswear for an active lifestyle. Our range includes tracksuits, T-shirts, leggings and more. Sportswear provides comfort and functionality, as well as stylish details and modern designs.


In the outerwear section you will find options for different seasons. This includes coats, jackets, vests and more. We offer a variety of materials and styles to provide solutions for warm and stylish outerwear.

Dresses and sundresses

This diverse sub-category features dresses and sundresses for women of various ages and styles. From evening gowns to casual wear, our store offers a wide range of lengths, styles, materials and colors. You will find both classic black dresses and models with modern prints and designs. Dresses and sundresses will help your customers create unique looks for any event.

Blouses & Tops

This subcategory offers blouses and tops for women, suitable for a variety of styles and occasions. From classic white blouses to trendy embellished tops, we have designs for everyday wear, work and play. Choose from a variety of styles, collars and sleeve lengths to give your customers plenty of options.

Skirts and pants

This category includes skirts and trousers to create a variety of looks. You will find both classic models for the office and modern styles for everyday wear. Skirts and trousers are available in a variety of lengths, styles and colors, allowing your customers to choose the perfect fit for their style.