Wholesale of wood, building materials, sanitary ware

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about building materials

Timber trade

Here you will find a variety of wholesale wood materials needed for construction and decoration. This includes boards, beams, plywood, osb boards, hardboard and other types of lumber. We offer wood in a variety of species and finishes meeting a variety of building, renovation and design needs.


Boards and bars: wholesale of wooden boards and bars of various sizes and species. These materials are the basis for the construction of various structures, from floors and walls to partitions and furniture.
Plywood & Fiberboard: We provide wholesale plywood & fiberboard sheets which are widely used in furniture manufacturing and decoration. They have high strength and durability.
Osb boards: wholesaler of oriented fiber boards (osb) - versatile materials for the construction of walls, ceilings, and roofs.
Joinery: We offer wholesale carpentry parts such as laser cuts, decorative pieces, skirting boards and moldings.
Wood Panels: Bulk wood panels are available in a variety of wood types and textures that can be used for walls, ceilings, and furniture.
Wood Hardware: Includes bulk products for mounting and installing wood structures, including nails, screws, staples, and other fasteners.

Trade in building materials

in this category you will find wholesale building materials for different stages of construction.

This includes cement, bricks, drywall, plaster, adhesives, sealants and more. We provide wholesale solutions for the construction of both residential and commercial buildings, ensuring high quality and reliability.

Cement, bricks and blocks, drywall and bases, plaster and putty, adhesives and sealants, insulation and insulating materials, roofing materials, facade materials.

Cement: wholesale of various grades and types of cement for construction work, including concreting and masonry.
Bricks and Blocks: We provide wholesale bricks and blocks for the construction of walls, partitions and other structures.
Plasterboard and bases: wholesale drywall sheets and other building bases for wall and ceiling finishes.
Plastering and puttying: we offer wholesale materials for leveling and finishing surfaces before painting or cladding.
Adhesives and Sealants: Our range includes wholesale adhesives and sealants for securing and sealing materials.
Heat Insulation and Insulation Materials: We provide wholesale heat and sound insulation materials, including mineral wool, foam, and other insulation materials.
Roofing Materials: Includes bulk roofing materials such as roofing films, shingles, bituminous materials, and others.
Facade materials: wholesale products for building facade cladding, including facing bricks, panels, decorative items and others.

Trade in sanitary wares

For comfort and functionality, in the section “sanitary wares” you will find wholesale products for water supply, heating and sanitary ware. This includes plumbing fixtures, pipes, fittings, radiators, sanitary ware and other products. Our range offers wholesale solutions for both domestic and commercial sanitary systems.

Plumbing fittings, pipes and fittings, radiators and heating equipment, sanitary ware and sanitary ceramics, sanitary panels and boxes, cleaning and filtration systems, sanitary accessories.
Plumbing fixtures: We provide wholesale plumbing products such as faucets, shower sets, faucets and other plumbing and drainage components.
Pipes and fittings: Wholesale of pipes and fittings for building plumbing and sewerage systems. This includes plastic, metal and other types of pipes and fittings.
Radiators and Heating Equipment: We provide wholesale heating radiators as well as accessories to create an efficient heating system.
Sanitary Ware & Sanitary Ceramics: Includes wholesale sanitary and bathroom products such as toilet bowls, sinks, bathtubs, bidets and others.
Plumbing Panels and Boxes: We provide wholesale panels and boxes for concealed plumbing installations.
Purification and filtration systems: Wholesale systems and components for the purification of water, air and other media.
Sanitary Accessories: Includes wholesale plumbing room accessories such as towel warmer, soap dishes, holders and more.